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New Beerenberg Farm website with Provenance Pathway

Posted in Websites by enpresiv on March 2, 2009

We are really excited to announce the launch of the new Beerenberg Farm website.
Beerenberg are a long term client and we love working with them – great people with great products.

It’s been exciting and very rewarding for us to be able to build their online brand presence, and we’ve appreciated the faith they’ve shown in us in guiding their brand through what has been a detailed design and development process.

The new site has many cool features including social media integration (Blog, Facebook, Flickr & YouTube) and in particular, the Provenance Pathway functionality, which among many things, includes Google Earth videos.

The Provenance Pathway allows Beerenberg consumers the ability to trace the origins of their purchased product – from “soil to shelf”;

  • when was the product made?
  • who was the cook?
  • where do the main ingredients come from?

It allows Beerenberg to fully highlight the natural farm grown goodness of their products in a totally transparent way.

Keen to have a look into the Provenance Pathway?

Here’s “product”, “barcode” and “best before date” information that will allow you to view how it all works – you can access it directly from the website homepage;

  • Product: Apricot Jam 300g
  • Barcode: 600007
  • Best before date: 14 Jan 2011

Let us know what you think!

People ask more questions now before they make decisions about what they will buy. They want to know where it comes from, what’s in it, who’s involved in making it and how it was produced … We pride ourselves on the naturalness, authentic flavour and texture of all our products and the move to enable our customers to find out exactly what’s in the jar takes our commitment to authenticity that one step further.
Anthony Paech (CEO, Beerenberg Farm)

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