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Why do companies let brand designers attempt to design web applications?

Posted in Custom Software, Websites by enpresiv on March 25, 2010

Properties of a piece of paper:

  • it is static
  • it has only one state
  • once printed upon, it doesn’t change
  • other than reading it, you cannot interact with it
  • it doesn’t change size from viewer to viewer

Properties of a web application:

  • it needs to respond to user gestures and interaction
  • it needs to collect data
  • should have a logical flow and process for performing multiple functions
  • it needs to present different data at different parts of a workflow
  • needs to persist state across different pages

As you can see, they’re completely different mediums. They’re totally and utterly opposites.
So why do companies let brand designers attempt to design web applications?

Scott Mebberson [Managing Director]


Aussie BBQ Legends winner announced

Posted in Branding + Design, Digital Strategy, Social Media, Websites by enpresiv on March 6, 2010

Congratulations to to John “Hot Coals” Hetherington who has been named the Ultimate Aussie BBQ Legend!

John won for his entry “BBQ Protocol – rules of engagement”. The Aussie BBQ Legends judges chose John’s entry because it best exemplified the spirit of traditional Aussie barbecues.

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you’d like to keep in touch with Aussie BBQ Legends you can join its Facebook page or follow it on Twitter.

Big thanks also to Beerenberg Farm for allowing us to develop this fantastic campaign for them!