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Aussie BBQ Legends launches!

Posted in Branding + Design, Digital Strategy, Social Media, Websites by enpresiv on December 9, 2009

Aussie BBQ Legends are Australian Heroes. They represent everything we stand for. They are the pinnacle of our society … well we certainly think so!

We are thrilled to launch the “Aussie BBQ Legends” microsite – a social marketing solution aimed at promoting Beerenberg Farm’s sauce range, and proudly celebrates Australian lifestyle and the esteem we place on the people that hold, celebrate and participate in the joy of the barbeque.

It is an online microsite with integrated social media, search engine marketing, offline PR and marketing collateral, supported by weekly prizes and a major prize awarded to Australia’s ultimate BBQ legend.

Key microsite content focuses on;

Enpresiv has developed the complete digital marketing strategy for the campaign, together with microsite design and development, social media marketing campaign, search engine optimisation and search marketing, copywriting and complete campaign management. We have also worked closely with Beerenberg and their public relations firm, Hughes PR, in assuring a cohesive and comprehensive marketing campaign is delivered.

Check out the site – we’d love your feedback – and be sure to enter in the prize draw to become the ultimate Aussie BBQ Legend – the prizes really are awesome (not to mention the sauces!).


Web App Storm showcases Focus Booster App


Great to see the Web App Storm website give our Adobe Air Focus Booster App a cool write up in their article Increase Your Productivity with Focus Booster.

The 99 Percent showcases Focus Booster App

Posted in Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, Press + Media, Productivity + Pomodoro Technique by enpresiv on November 7, 2009


Awesome to see The 99 Percent list our Focus Booster Adobe Air app in their article on
Zen Apps: Desktop Tools to Organize Your Brain.

“I recently stumbled upon the Pomodoro Technique for time management, and this app is a fantastic digital accomplice … For those of you who tend to wander when you should be working, this is a great way to take charge of your attention span.”

More plaudits for our Focus Booster Adobe Air application

Posted in Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, Press + Media, Productivity + Pomodoro Technique by enpresiv on November 5, 2009

Focus Booster is this amazing, simple and elegant application I’ve been using that’s powered by Adobe AIR and it’s designed to help you eliminate the anxiety of time and enhance your focus and concentration.”

Jorge Quinteros

Thanks for the wrap Jorge!

Focus Booster App listed in “Top 20 Web Applications with Excellent User Interfaces”


Very cool to see our Focus Booster App listed in the “Top 20 Web Applications with Excellent User Interfaces” on the App Munch website.

Beerenberg Farm website finalist at Smart Company website awards

Posted in Awards, Branding + Design, Digital Strategy, Press + Media, Websites by enpresiv on October 28, 2009


Our website design for Beerenberg Farm has just received some great results at the Website Awards 2009.

Our results were;

Huge “pat on the back” to the entire Team Enpresiv for their outstanding design and development work, and big thanks also to Beerenberg Farm – an awesome client that truly believes in digital marketing and innovative online solutions to grow their business and engage with their customers.

Focus Booster App hits 20,000 downloads + gets rave review

Posted in Adobe Air, Adobe Flex, Custom Software, Productivity + Pomodoro Technique by enpresiv on October 26, 2009

Focus Booster App has reached another milestone of 20,000 downloads.

If you are looking for productivity benefits, download the Adobe Air & Adobe Flex desktop application now, or use the live web version.

DESTROY TODAY has just given it a rave review also, claiming …

“The UI is beautiful and a pleasure to have on the desktop”

FABSAO “franchisor” online contract management system press

Posted in Adobe Flex, Custom Software, Press + Media by enpresiv on October 24, 2009


Great to see the FABSAO custom software application we designed and developed with Adelaide lawyer Kelly Ey getting continued press;

Built in Adobe Flex, FABSAO is an online work-flow and document management system customised specifically for franchise and contract management.

More information on FABSAO can be found at;

Enpresiv Staff Conference 09

Posted in Culture by enpresiv on October 23, 2009

We held our second staff conference/professional development day on Friday 23 October and it was a great day.

The day started early with key presentations outlining the companies future vision, strategy and operational focus.


Our founding partner, and new MD, Scott Mebberson gives his presentation.

Our Operations Manager, Adele Naurato presents our latest Project Management Plan to the team.

It was then followed by a great BBQ at Archery Park in the Adelaide Hills.



Followed by our first experience at archery itself, which was awesome fun.



Looking forward to next year’s conference day already!

Collection of photos can be seen at our Flickr Photostream.

Videos can be seen at our YouTube Channel.

SA Heart “continual improvement cycle” website update

Posted in Continual Improvement Cycle, Digital Strategy, Websites by enpresiv on October 9, 2009


We’ve just updated the website homepage on the SA Heart website as part of our
Continual Improvement Cycle” methodology that looks at constantly reviewing solutions against measurable data, new ideas, best practice models and user feedback.

The new update looks at providing a flexible and informative Doctors portal on the homepage to ensure site design is focused on SA Heart’s main target market, whilst at the same time providing key information to the equally important patient audience.